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Pallets Claustra/Fence

Here is a Claustra or pallet fence made with repurposed pallets slats and painted with a blue-colored anthracite Lazur!

Pallets Claustra/Fence Pallet Fences
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I’m curious to know how they were able to keep the pallets to stand up? Did they bury a pole and attach the fencing to that?

Reply to  Christie

Hi Christie,
If you take a close look at the lower left corner of the picture you can see they buried the post in the ground. I’m planning to build this as a patio privacy screen. Since my structure will stand taller, I’m using 4×4 pressure treated posts anchored in cement in the ground.
You can also use chain link fence posts with fasteners specifically made for attaching wood to the metal posts. Both “L” and “HD” sell these.
Hope this answers your question(s).


Where can I find the directions on building this? I keep going back to the same page(s) that’s not showing how to do this. Thank you.

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