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This Pallet Cupboard Organizes Your Hall / Entryway!

  • 3 pallets

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  • $130

If you have a lot of winter clothing, you know it takes up a lot of space in your closets and dressers. This Pallet Cupboard is the solution! I made this storage closet to organize my entryway, and the dimensions hold a LOT of clothes!

Keep your entryways neat and have easy access to your winter clothing with this Pallet Cupboard!

The dimensions of this cabinet are 142cm tall x 105cm wide x 47cm deep. I ensured the height measurements included the 2cm for the top. I used a 140cm a pallet for this part. The width includes the side walls, and the depth allows a few cm for the back and doors.

Begin dismantling and framing your Pallet Cupboard:

I split a pallet into front and back frames. I then stripped the back (top of pallet) and filled it, so there were no gaps. Next, I attached the underside of the pallet to use as the frame for the front. I separated these by using dividers 40cm long. Now you have the back wall and the side/front frame. I added vertical cross pieces at intervals along the sides to create shelf supports.  At this stage, I sanded the interior.

Adjust the shelves for the type of storage you need. Use this Pallet Cupboard in any room!

I installed the side walls and interior shelving. As it is for storage of blankets and clothing, I wasn't too concerned if the upper shelves were not flush with the front/back. However, the bottom shelf was built to be solid and without spacing. I cut pieces to fill in the gaps. None of the shelves are nailed in place so they can be easily removed to lighten the load when moving it.

The fun part: choosing your hardware on a Pallet Cupboard:

I then added the top and sanded the top and sides. I have not stained or oiled it. Finally, I went looking for some nice hinges and latches. I found the hardware at Bunnings Hardware. (Zenith 200mm Black Decorative Gate Hinge and Pinnacle Gothic Ring Gate Latch 1 Set 175mm Black ). I needed the additional framework on the front to raise the hinges to the doors (visible in the close-up of the hinge in photo).

I made the doors and shelves from pieces of an old packing crate. The packing crate wood was smooth wood and didn't require much sanding which suited my lazy lifestyle :). This flexible cabinet holds many blankets, sheets, pillowcases and much of my clothing. Cost: about $100 for screws, nails, hinges, and latch.

This Pallet Cupboard Organizes Your Hall / Entryway! Pallet Cabinets & Wardrobes
First, decide on the dimensions you require. Then, begin framing out a cupboard!
This Pallet Cupboard Organizes Your Hall / Entryway! Pallet Cabinets & Wardrobes
I added deck boards and finished the back, sides, and bottom. Then, I built the shelves. At this point, I sanded the piece.
This Pallet Cupboard Organizes Your Hall / Entryway! Pallet Cabinets & Wardrobes
This door is lightweight, and the straightforward design is easy to adapt to your needs. Just be sure your support boards won't hit your shelves.
This Pallet Cupboard Organizes Your Hall / Entryway! Pallet Cabinets & Wardrobes
Choose the hardware you want for your cupboard. Be certain you find hinges that are sturdy enough to support the size and weight of the doors you build. Have some fun and add stencils if you want.
This Pallet Cupboard Organizes Your Hall / Entryway! Pallet Cabinets & Wardrobes
Close-up shot of the extra piece for the hinges.
This Pallet Cupboard Organizes Your Hall / Entryway! Pallet Cabinets & Wardrobes
My finished pallet cupboard, being put to good use! Make one for yourself and use it in almost any room of your home!

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