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Pallet Crafter Interview #5: Ananda From A Piece Of Rainbow

We continue our series of interview, this time with Ananda from the blog "A Piece Of Rainbow" who is an active contributor at Recyclat.org (our other website) and Ananda started using repurposed wooden pallets for her projects since one year. If you think you deserve to be featured in the next interview, please, drop us an email.

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Tell us a little more about you? Who you are? Where are you from?

My Name is Ananda. I write a DIY lifestyle blog at "A Piece Of Rainbow", and my day job is a landscape designer in California.

Why do you craft?

First, it is lots of fun! Also, I deeply believe that everyone in this world, no matter where they live and how much money they have, everyone can and deserve to live in beautiful homes filled with happiness and beauty. That’s true abundance.
Our consumer culture often makes people feel limited by money, and I want to make design and art more accessible to everyone by testing this idea in our own home: Creativity is a much greater gift , and we all have it!

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Since when are you working with pallets?

At first, I just drooled over every reclaimed pallet projects for well over a year. Finally the beauty of pallets proved to be irresistible, so I started with these simple wood crates (featured at recyclart), and now I can’t stop!


What are your can’t-live-without essentials?

A super supportive hubby, a sense of humor upon failures, and an open mind to see things in fresh ways.

How would you describe your style? Are there any crafters/artists/designers that you particularly look up to?

I love so many design styles from vintage to modern, industrial to tropical. My style would be a natural blend of all these.
I am inspired by countless crafters and makers, many of them live in remote parts of the world and don’t even consider themselves artists. They are just making things for their daily life such as a wooden canoe, a basket, or a pillow from scrap fabrics.

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We live in such a mass-produced, buy-it-now society. Why should people continue to make things by hand?

Wow, that is a great question!
So many mass-produced products are not only lifeless, but made with additives that are harmful to the health of people and the planet. If we look deeper, how many of our factories are doing damages to ecosystems and local economies around the world?
Something made with good materials and made with love and care can enhance our well-being and create beauty and happiness in our homes.
When we make things for our homes by hand, from sustainable or up-cycled materials, not only are we enriched by the process, we also help our planet by choosing a more creative and greener lifestyle.

What are your tips for people who'd like to start crafting?

Start with something that really excites you, and don’t be discouraged when things don’t turn out right on your first try.
Here’s a secret I learned first-hand: most of those pretty DIY projects you see on the internet have a failed attempt behind it!
I experience failures or obstacles in over 90% of my DIYs, and now I just welcome them as part of the fun: "Look at the infinite ways I can mess up!"


We've seen that you have an active blog. Is that a full time job or just a hobby to share your personal creations?

I was very hesitant when I started my blog just a year ago. I enjoy quiet times in nature and blogging is the opposite of “quiet” since the whole world can see it!
I never would have thought that my blog would reach over 100k monthly views by the 8th month, and that I would like it so much! I post about once a week since DIY is time intensive.
Blogging allows me to reach and help way more people than my day job does, and I am figuring out ways to leave my day job and blog full time, soon!

To finish, anything else you would like to tell to pallet community?

I so appreciate everyone in this amazing community! Thank you all for your inspirations and support!!

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Thank's Ananda for this interview :)

Bio: Engineer, Co-founding partner of 1001Pallets. I earned my Engineer degree in Aeronautics & spatial t... read more

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