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Pallet Countertop Makes Laundry Room Gorgeous!

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I began this Pallet Countertop project by selecting the best pallet boards. I needed boards that were at least 1/2" thick to make a sturdy shelf without too much extra weight.

A Pallet Countertop like this is a brilliant idea for any room that needs more storage space!

The next step was getting the boards straight so that I could join them side to side. I made a jig for cutting a straight edge on the table saw. Use a known straight board and clamp or screw your palled board to it and run them through the saw. This technique creates a straight edge on your pallet board! Next, run it through the saw to straighten the other side. I applied wood glue to the edges and clamped all ten boards together.  Now I had a large piece measuring about 70" x 35".

Finishing up my Pallet Countertop project:

I sanded the piece with 80 and then 120 grit paper. Then I cut it to fit over my washer and dryer. I cut some thin slats from scrap pallet boards to trim the edge. A coat of Minwax Paste Finishing Wax sealed in the beauty and brought out some lovely grain. I attached some bracing strips to the wall by screwing into the studs and then connected the counter on top. The countertop looks terrific and ties in beautifully with some antique washboards we hung on the walls.

I chose the best boards that were the right thickness but not too heavy to keep this Pallet Countertop fairly lightweight.
I chose the best boards for my needs. In this case, I wanted a light, durable shelf.
Dont be afraid to mix and match tones and textures like I did on my Pallet Countertop.
Here are the boards I chose. I mixed and matched colors to add some detail.
Pallet Countertop is mounted onto narrow wall brackets installed into the studs.
I used brackets on the walls to mount the shelf. It looks great in place!
I sealed this Pallet Countertop with sealing wax.
I sealed the piece with finishing wax to let the natural beauty show through.
Here is my finished Pallet Countertop.
My finished countertops.

Make a fancy pallet coffee table!  Turn old tires into brilliant bicycle stands!

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