Pallet FurniturePallet Coffee TablesPallet Coffee Table/Bookshelves

Pallet Coffee Table/Bookshelves

  • 3 pallets

  • hard

  • 10h

  • $10

If you want adventure, then build a Pallet Coffee Table/Bookshelves! I’ve never built anything with pallets before. I  discovered that it was an exciting challenge to design a table, collect the pallets, and fill in the gaps that are in nearly every pallet. I was also surprised at how pallets varied in size, shape, and material. Nevertheless, I embarked on the crusade of finding enough pallets to complete my design. My daughter is an avid blogger, and an avid reader, and long ago ran out of shelving space. This table gave her a little more storage room for her books.

Adventures in building a Pallet Coffee Table/Bookshelves as a Christmas gift for my daughter begins here:

I needed a total of two complete pallets plus slats from a third pallet. The hardest part was disassembling the third pallet as well as removing the bottoms from the first two pallets. I had a hard time removing those darned nails!

I used the first two pallets intact as the top of the table and the lower shelf of the table, except for removing the bottom slats from them. I did this to mount the support legs and to use the wood to fill in the gaps on the top surfaces. I cut some of the bottom slats to fill the gaps in the tops of the pallets.

I rough-sanded it all, leaving it in a rustic finish. I thought the soda bottler’s logo on the sides of the straps looked cool, too. I didn’t put this on wheels, but that would be a handy option as well.

I learned a lot in my adventures in pallet building, and my daughter was very pleased with the results. She’s got a little more storage now, as well as a unique conversation piece that’ll last for a long time. :-D

Pallet Coffee Table/Bookshelves Pallet Coffee Tables
Pallet Coffee Table/Bookshelves Pallet Coffee Tables

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Dokuaa Dorothy

Oh my…I love this

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