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This Pallet Coffee Table Has Casters

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This Pallet Coffee Table Has Casters! I built the overall dimensions as 39 3/4″ by 16 1/4″ (top) and 27″ tall. This doesn’t include the casters, which add 2 1/2″. I made this table taller than a typical coffee table. We will use it mainly when we sit up. Everything in my living room recliner. If I want to sit back, I can easily push the table away and stretch out.

Home Decor gets mobile!

The top and two (long) sides are just random width pallet deck board. I used a bench-top planer to straighten the edges and make everything the correct overall width. I nailed them to three stringers (you can see the two on the outside) with the forklift cutouts in the middle. Next, I used a punch to sink the nails a mm or two below the surface. I added a couple of scraps supports underneath. Then, I attached the supports with nails and Gorilla glue so they won’t shift over time or when under pressure. After putting the top together, there was a LOT of sanding, starting with 60 grit and moving up to 220.

Add bolts for durability and an industrial feel

I made the legs out of a couple of 2x3s that I planed on one side and connected with biscuits, so the legs were square. They are even at the bottom, and the outside 2×3 is 13″ while the inside 2×3 is 16″. The outside 2×3 butts up against the bottom of the stringer and the inside goes up 3″ and is what connects the legs to the table top frame. I connected it together using three carriage bolts each (1/4″ width by 3 1/2″ length), along with fender washers and nuts on the inside. This is overkill for what is needed strength wise, but I thought it would look cool.

Home Decor should be able to multi-task the way we do! This table can!

The shelf underneath is supported by a 2×3 on each side. They are lined up with the center of each leg and connected to the legs with pocket holes (Kreg Jig) and 2 1/2″ Kreg screws. I had to make some adjustments that weren’t in the Kreg manual, but it was pretty simple to figure out. Next, I made the slats from pallet deck boards. I  cut them to the distance from the outside edges of the legs (15 1/8″). Then I just spaced them evenly and nailed them down. The casters are just screwed into the bottom of the legs and are just standard locking full rotation casters with soft rubber wheels (I found them at Home Depot).

DIY Pallet Projects are more fun when you customize it with exactly the color you want!

I have a bunch of Minwax stain colors, so I did some test pieces and picked out the color I like. For the protective finish, I wanted to go with a matte finish, so it didn’t take away from the character of the wood. I ended up going with Varathane matte soft touch poly. I applied four coats, and love how it turned out. It took longer than expected to fully cure/degas. It sat in my living room to dry/ cure which stayed just below 70 degrees, and humidity was relatively low (30-50%) and still took almost two weeks before the full degassing smell completely went away.

This Pallet Coffee Table Has Casters Pallet Coffee Tables

This Pallet Coffee Table Has Casters Pallet Coffee Tables

This Pallet Coffee Table Has Casters Pallet Coffee Tables

This Pallet Coffee Table Has Casters Pallet Coffee Tables

Cool tables like this would look great indoors or out with this Pallet Storage Bench!

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Todd Schim
Todd Schim

Very nice !!!

Karen Smith

Lachlan Blanch can you make me a small version of this for my birthday? I will send you measurements

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