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Pallet Chevron Coffee Table

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Rustic can look expensive, even if you built it on a budget like this gorgeous Pallet Chevron Coffee Table. It takes a little practice, but once you get the hang of it, making a table like this isn't difficult.

A Pallet Chevron Coffee Table like this one can be a stunning accent piece for both indoors and outdoors!

If you make yourself a table like this for the outdoors, be sure to seal it well and use a UV-resistant polyurethane. You can read more about Protecting & Sealing Wood here. If you don't have the time or the tools to build one yourself, you can get one HERE.

Pallet Chevron Coffee Table Pallet Coffee Tables

Don't be afraid to try different angles. Chevron patterns like this beautiful pallet wood table aren't that hard once you get the hang of it.




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Mike Winfrey

I really like this. I use pallet wood a lot but I always plane it to remove the outer layers of built up crud. I’m including a picture as an example of what mine looks like. I have yet to develop a technique that allows me to use the wood without planing. Suggestions are welcome.

Nicole Cleaver

That built up layer of crud is what I love when building pallet furniture. I always give things a sand to get rid of splinters and if it’s a hall table or coffee table I always belt sand the top to expose more grain but otherwise I love the old look, it adds character. The grain that you are exposing looks amazing and you are obviously a perfectionist when it comes to your projects :) I’m an amateur at building so imperfect wood goes a long way to helping me. Il attach a photo of my favorite project to show… Read more »

Mike Winfrey

Thank you Nicole. I like that piece. Thanks for sharing it. I’ve tried your approach before but didn’t like the way it was looking so abandoned it and continued with my method. I probably didn’t stay with it long enough. I’ll try it again. Thanks again.

Nicole Cleaver

I’ve learnt now that if you dilute paint down more then you can build up to a colour that you prefer and it keeps the grain easier. I could imagine what you have built finished with a funky colour over it like a bright red with a gloss vanish. In fact you could make some amazing art peices with your technique!! Thank you for sharing your picture I’m off to my shed now freshly inspired :)

Mike Winfrey

Take a look at these end pieces I put together just playing around. I didn’t do anything with them but I thought they looked pretty neat. Was able to kinda put them together in a pattern as opposed to random.

Nicole Cleaver

Great idea and so many possibilities!!! You look like you have a pile of off cuts to match mine! I have a Facebook page called Reclaim Rustic Renew if you want to check out some of my projects :)

Craig Riddle

Sally Hinks

Jim King
Jim King

This would be a great piece of furniture for my ‘man cave’. I could see following through with a whole furniture line like this. Very nice.

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