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by N2deep69

Pair of Mobile Pallet Loungers

  • 9 pallets

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Here’s a simple, but a creative idea for seating on your patio. Make a set of these Pallet Loungers! I used pallets to make my patio furniture because they’re budget-friendly, and I needed some seating! This project only took me two hours to complete, but the painting took a while – I wanted it just right.

Here’s how I made my Pallet Loungers:

First, I stacked two pallets on top of one another and secured them together with screws. I put a third, larger pallet on top of the first set and secured it down.  I mounted another pallet to the back of the couch and secured it well for the backrest. I angled the backrests slightly because that is a lot more comfortable than having a very rigid 90-degree angle.

I changed things up a little and did something different for the armrests. I cut a pallet into two pieces, splitting the lower deck off of the upper deck, but left the end pieces intact (didn’t remove the blocks and lead boards). I cut the one complete deck into two halves and used those halves as armrests. I put a board under the end of the pallet with the blocks for a convenient place to put your beverages, or plants, or whatever you wanted. Finally, I mounted the armrests and secured them. Can’t have your beverages spill! :-D

Finishing my Pallet Loungers:

I took my time painting the loungers. I painted everywhere; top, bottom, undersides, cracks and crevices – and “encapsulated” them. I did a couple of coats to thoroughly protect them from the weather. When they were dry, I installed four casters under each lounge section – with locking mechanisms, so I can have them stable if needed.

This was a fast and fun project. Again, the longest part was . . . “watching the paint dry”.

Pair of Mobile Pallet Loungers Pallet Benches, Pallet Chairs & Stools
Pair of Mobile Pallet Loungers Pallet Benches, Pallet Chairs & Stools

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