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Pallet Wood Garden Bench Made With Two Headboards!

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I made this cute Pallet Wood Garden Bench using two headboards, and approximately one pallet. The seat measures 100cm wide x 46cm deep and 96cm tall. The seat itself is 42cm high.

Use those outgrown beds by upcycling the headboards (and footboards) into a Pallet Wood Garden Bench!


  • 1 x Headboard (single bed) - for the seat back
  • 1 x Headboard (single bed) - for armrests
  • 3 x pallet boards @ 2.5 x 10 x 90 cm (seat top)
  • 2 x pallet boards @ 2.5 x 15 x 90 cm (front & back seat frame)
  • 2 x offcuts from headboards @ 2.5 x20 x 30 cm (sides of frame)
  • 36 x 8-10 galvanized timber screws
  • Off-white satin acrylic paint
  • Artists acrylics

I spent a lot of time measuring and planning. I didn't want my project to fail because I was careless. Using a handsaw, I cut the pieces to size. The next step was sanding the components well so that the paint would adhere properly and the seat was smooth. I primed the back and side pieces and gave them three coats of acrylic paint. Next, I diluted some of the same paint 50/50 with water and brushed it on the pallet boards. I quickly wiped it off with a cotton cloth to give a soft lime wash effect that would tone with the rest of the seat.

Now that the initial painting is complete, it's time to assemble my Pallet Wood Garden Bench!

Finally, I assembled the pieces. That was fun; I don't know what an expert would say, but the end product is stable and sturdy, level and has no wobbles! The final step was the most enjoyable for me. I painted a spray of flowers on the backrest. I wanted to give the seat a fresh, old-fashioned effect that would look good in my cottage garden.

Not too bad for an old girl... I'm nearly 65!

Editor's note: We think you rocked this!

I had fun customizing my Pallet Wood Garden Bench with some hand-painted roses!
Have fun and add some personal touches, like this beautiful hand-painted bunch of flowers! Simply elegant!
Upcycle two headboards and one pallet into a classy, elegant Pallet Wood Garden Bench.
Look what two headboards can become!
Upcycle those old kid's beds when they outgrow them. Turn them into a Pallet Wood Garden Bench.
When your kids outgrow those old beds, here's a brilliant idea to upcycle them.
Create a relaxing oasis with old headboards and a pallet. Turn them into a Pallet Wood Garden Bench.
Create a peaceful area in your garden or backyard area with this simple idea! Upcycle those old beds that are sitting in pieces in your garage!

Make a set of Pallet Steps to help your aging dog get onto the bed with ease. Turn an old van into a guest room cabin!

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