Painted Pallet Bench

  • 2 pallets

  • medium

  • 18h

  • n/a

Want a conversation piece? How about this beautifully painted pallet bench? This unique build makes the most of the painted pallet wood.

The build process of this pallet bench:

To make the top of the painted pallet bench, I used pallet boards with paint spray on them. First, I built the top, using different wood grain directions to make a unique pattern.  I framed it out with the pallet stringers. I then sanded most of the paint off to give it a weathered look. I applied one layer of walnut base. I finally applied two layers of polyurethane.

Painted Pallet Bench Pallet Benches, Pallet Chairs & Stools

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What are the legs made out of? Is there a site with actual measurements for pallets projects?

Reply to 

Hello, Thank you for reaching out and expressing interest in some of the outstanding builds by our crafters. We get amazing submissions from talented crafters, but sometimes they don’t provide a lot of information on how they built it. Most of the crafters aren’t professionals, and many don’t build from any drawings. They just identify a need and go into their workshop and build it. You bring up a good point! How DID they build that awesome creation? We are working on this issue, and you’ll be seeing some exciting changes on our website in the near future –… Read more »

Otori Kaede

This is a really beautiful work !

Stephen Wright

Ed Furniture to Bragg About

Fred Meyering
Fred Meyering

Well done. Exceptional job.

Heather Stiletto

Fun idea!

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