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by Spyros Lavranos

Outdoor Pallet Sofa

The idea was to build a sofa for my office patio, so I made it with repurposed wooden pallets.

Outdoor Pallet Sofa Pallet Sofas & Couches

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Noel Hickmore

Benji Defiance

Benji Defiance
Reply to  Noel Hickmore

That looks easy enough 👍

Marion Bou

Emilie le Royer tient tiens ça te rappelle rien 😅


simple and nice !

Dawn Adam
Dawn Adam

Where are the directions for this bench?


I wish i had the smarts to do this let alone be able to get pallets

Tyson Faulkner
Tyson Faulkner

Really like the couch. A lady my mother works with asked if i would Make her an outdoor couch. I get the general idea but i swear you guys use special pallets. What is being used as spacers in those pallets? All i ever get are wanna be 2×4 that run the entire length.

Thanks again

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