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Outdoor Pallet Kitchen Counter Adds Prep Space

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We needed more prep space but didn't want to spend a lot. The obvious solution was to make our own Outdoor Pallet Kitchen Counter! What makes this project shine is the "new" surface I exposed on the deck boards. I used a vintage Rockwell 4" jointer my sister found for me on Craigslist - for FREE.

Save money and gain space by making your own Outdoor Pallet Kitchen Counter from pallets!

I started out with an extra long pallet I acquired last year. I used Sarah James's method for breaking down pallets & removing nails.  First, I removed all the top pallet deck boards but left the frame connected. I planed them down and reinstalled them, fitting them tightly together to make a more cohesive top.  I used outdoor brass star head screws for everything. Next, I used stringer boards from other pallets as the legs, side supports, and lower shelf supports. Then I covered the bottom shelf with more deck boards and secured with the same hardware. I finished it off with a couple of coats of Linseed oil.

Transform a table into an Outdoor Pallet Kitchen Counter with a bit of hardware and a terra cotta planter!

I used a terra cotta planter as the sink basin. The PVC drain pipe happened to be the same size as the drain hole in the planter - talk about serendipity! I attach a drain hose to the sink to drain the gray water out to the lawn. We attach another garden hose to the spigot at the bottom of the fashioned faucet I created from space pipe fittings. I used Plumber's putty, Teflon tape and PVC cement for various connections. We ❤️ our new outdoor kitchen counter. Final touches include a curtain rod & curtains to hide the lower shelf so we can store supplies out there if we want.

To create this Outdoor Pallet Kitchen Counter, it is easier to start with an oversized pallet. This one is 6' long.
I started with an oversized pallet. This one was about 6' long.
I planed and sanded the deck boards, and dismantled more boards to create a tight-fitting top on our Outdoor Pallet Kitchen Counter.
Remove the boards from the top deck, sand and plane them. Hand-sand as needed. I wanted the boards pressed against each other, so I had to use more boards.
The original condition of the pallet wasn't bad, but I wanted a smoother finish for my Outdoor Pallet Kitchen Counter.
Here's what the boards looked like when I got the pallet. They weren't bad, but I wanted a smoother finish.
Add a homemade faucet to your Outdoor Pallet Kitchen Counter by using a Terra cotta pot and plumbing pieces.
We used a terra cotta pot as our basin and PVC drain pipe that happened to fit the drain hole in the planter pot correctly. I fashioned a faucet from various plumbing pieces that I fixed together with plumber's putty and Teflon tape. A hose acts as a gray water drain, and another hose is hooked up to my faucet for water on tap.

Another view of the fittings and sink on my Outdoor Pallet Kitchen Counter.

My Outdoor Pallet Kitchen Counter complete with curtains hiding the lower shelf fits perfectly into my outdoor living space.
The completed project, with curtains in place, looks great on my patio.
The Outdoor Pallet Kitchen Counter is all ready for Linseed Oil.
Here's the table before I applied Linseed oil.
Add curtains to your Outdoor Pallet Kitchen Counter and you'll have hidden storage space.
Although curtains aren't necessary, they add a bit of a homey touch that we love. Plus, it creates instant hidden storage space.

Doesn't everyone need a Viking Ship Fire Pit?

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