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by Jonesy12

Outdoor Pallet Bar

  • 8 pallets

  • medium

  • 8h

  • $50

This Outdoor Pallet Bar took about 8 hours total, but I built it over the course of six weeks. It used about eight pallets as well as some stud wall timber, some cheap shelving wood and some reed fencing for the roof.

Here’s how I made my Outdoor Pallet Bar:

I started this project by standing the pallets on their end and securing them together with screws and metal brackets. Next, I cut some shelving wood to length using a hand saw and installed it to the tops of the pallets.

To build the roof, I started with 2×4″ wall studs and cut the back one’s shorter. I secured these to the inner corners of the bar with more screws and brackets. Next, I framed out the roof, staggering the supports to avoid having to toe-nail the boards in. Finally, I covered the top with reed fencing and secured it in place with staples.

I finished my Outdoor Pallet Bar with varnish to provide UV blockage and weather resistance.  This project was built for the Burton Park Hospital, and some clients joined in as part of their pallet rehabilitation therapy program. This bar is part of the family fun day event.

Outdoor Pallet Bar Pallet Bars
Outdoor Pallet Bar Pallet Bars
Outdoor Pallet Bar Pallet Bars

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Jonathan Block

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Alex Javier Benitez
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That’s the one

Alfredo Mendez III

Ashley Braswell how’s this one ha

Ashley Braswell

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Alfredo Mendez III

Either way



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