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by Bois Eco Concept

Multi-colored Coffee Table / Table Basse

  • 2 pallets

  • medium

  • 4h

  • n/a

This Multi-Colored Coffee Table measures 83cm x 63cm x 45cm tall and has a multi-hued pallet deck board top. It’s a simple style, and is finished with a satin finish and then a varnish. 

Make your own Multi-Colored Coffee Table:

First, frame out the table top, and make it any size you wish. We butt-joined the top for simplicity.  You can create horizontal boards that are recessed enough to allow your table top to be flush or use a piece of plywood as the sub-frame support. Next, cut table legs from 4×4″ posts to the height you desire, but keep them recessed enough to. Secure the legs to the outside of the frame with screws or nails. Finally, stain your table top boards any way you choose, and when dry, install into your frame. Gently sand to give it a weathered look if you choose, and then seal with a good UV-resistant polyurethane.

Multi-colored Coffee Table / Table Basse Pallet Coffee Tables
Multi-colored Coffee Table / Table Basse Pallet Coffee Tables

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