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Metal-trimmed Pallet Kitchen Shelf / étagère De Cuisine : Palette Et Métal

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Add needed storage quickly when you make a Pallet Kitchen Shelf. We used decorative hardware and trimmed the piece with metal for a modern look. I created this project using only a few boards, some iron plates, fasteners, and varnish! My idea cost a total of $10!

You don't always have to have a rustic look, as this Pallet Kitchen Shelf demonstrates!

Materials used:

  • One pallet, dismantled; used the top deck and removed extra boards
  • Four iron plates
  • Decorative screws & fasteners
  • Varnish
  • Chip brush or similar to apply the varnish
  • Circular Saw
  • Jigsaw
  • Metal grinder
  • Vice
  • Drill & drill bits
  • Screwdriver
This Pallet Kitchen Shelf fits in with most types of decor.
This beautiful addition adds plenty of storage options while fitting in with most types of kitchen decor!

Use a circular saw and cut to the dimensions of the bottom two shelves. Affix them using a screwdriver & screws. For the four corner pieces: Cut out the iron sheet to the size needed to make a rectangle. Cut it large enough that when folded into an L shape, it will overlap the corner block of the pallet. This idea conceals and decorates the block. Cut the metal, use a grinder at the bend to make it easier to fold over. Clamp the metal piece into a vice center of the channel you cut. Bend the metal, and use a rubber mallet or hammer to straighten if necessary. Repeat the operation three more times. Drill a hole on the top of each corner piece and secure it in the pallet with the decorative screws. Apply stain if you like, and then varnish.

The Pallet Kitchen Shelf is trimmed with bent pieces of metal
I trimmed the edges of the pallet with metal pieces that I bent over in an L shape.

Matériel : 1 palette, 2 planches, 4 plaques de fer, des vis de fixation à tête décorative, du vernis.

Scier 2 planches à la scie circulaire aux dimensions du fond des 2 étagères, les fixer à l'aide d'une visseuse
4 pièces d'angle : découper la tôle de fer à la dimension nécessaire pour réaliser un rectangle qui une fois plié en forme de L recouvrira le bloc d'angle de la palette de façon à cacher/décorer le bloc. Entamer le métal à la disqueuse à l'endroit du pli pour faciliter le pliage et plier la tôle à angle droit à l'aide d'un étau. renouveler l'opération pour avoir 4 L .

Percer un trou sur le dessus de chaque pièce d'angle et la fixer dans la palette avec les vis à tête décorative.

The added organization the Pallet Kitchen Shelf provides keeps tools handy.
The added organization area helps to keep useful tools handy.

Resources for this project:

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