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Decorative Pallet Shelf

  • 1 pallet

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  • 1h

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This Decorative Pallet Shelf only took one pallet board, a little glue, a few screws to complete, and turned out quite well!  We built this when my son visited and essentially told me that he was running out of space for his Blu-ray collection.

How I built a Decorative Pallet Shelf from a single pallet board:

We assembled this in about 3 hours over the span of a few days. We used glue to assemble most of the parts and had to wait for it to dry.

We sanded the board fairly smooth and routed a decorative edge on the front-facing side. We trimmed the board to length and used the remaining lengths as the shelf supports. We carved a gently scalloped edge on the shelf supports. We used screws and glue to attach the brackets to the shelf permanently. As with most pallet boards, there was some discoloration of the nails being in the wood for a long time. You can see an example in the first picture all the way to the right.  We covered the holes with plugs and sanded them flush.

This was a no-cost project unless you count the 6 screws and the glue that was used.

Good son-father bonding time was the ultimate reward!
Decorative Pallet Shelf Pallet Shelves & Pallet Coat Hangers


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