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How I Made This Beautiful Pallet Flag!

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To make this Beautiful Pallet Flag you will need to purchase 13 wooden stars from a craft store (or make your own). Additionally, purchase outdoor paint in red white and blue. If you’re artistic enough, you can paint them on free-hand, by tracing, or with a cutout star sponge. I used the easy way and purchased some wooden ones since I wanted mine to be symmetrically correct.

Beautiful Pallet Flag:

Begin by choosing a smooth pallet or sanding one down and marking an area off for the blue corner of your flag. Cut and place scrap pallet pieces to fill that portion in fully. Make it appear to be a solid area. Then, paint the area blue and allow it to dry completely before attempting to attach or paint the stars to the wood. To keep straight lines, use painter’s tape along the edges of the blue after it’s dry. Your top outside color should be red with your next slat becoming white, and alternate until the pallet is complete. I also continued my color to the 2×4′ stringers in between each slat just to keep it looking neat. Additionally, I continued my colors of the pallet and down the outside edges so that the flag appears to be thicker than it is.

Beautiful Pallet Flag – Final Touches:

Finally, I completed the flag after the paint dried using the purchased stars that I painted white. I found the center of my blue area (use a ruler and go corner-to-corner). Next, I used a screw and a board and attached a paint mixing stick to that center point I found. I slowly moved it around counter-clockwise while I made a complete circle, marking it with a pencil. I installed the stars by arranging them symmetrically and screwed them from the back. You could also use constructive adhesive to attach them easily.

How I Made This Beautiful Pallet Flag! Pallet Home Accessories

Great work, indeed! Now how about a nice Bench to sit and admire your work?

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