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Lucite-topped Pallet Table

  • 4 pallets

  • easy

  • 3h

  • $60

You can elevate the mundane to elegant! I made this Lucite-Topped Pallet Table in only three hours to go with my pallet bench. It used four double-wing pallets and is topped with 3mm pre-cut Perspex (a type of Lucite).

How I built my Lucite-Topped Pallet Table:

First, I sanded them down with sandpaper to get the roughness off them Then I sprayed them green with regular fence paint. I turned one upside down – stacking them skid-to-skid. I then screwed another on top and repeated this with another next to it.

I ordered some Perspex (3mm cut to size – a type of Lucite). When I received it, I drilled holes very in the corners and middle, countersinking the holes before securing it with screws. I added a finishing touch to my Lucite-Topped Pallet Table: I put white solar lights underneath (not in photo), and that was my table complete.

This project took me about 3 hours. The longest wait was for the paint to dry, haha! Now . . . Onto my next pallet project!

FYI: How to drill the Perspex material  for my Gorgeous Lucite-Topped Pallet Table without cracking it:

You can buy acrylic-specific drill bits. They have a different geometric structure that is designed to puncture acrylic more easily, and they are less likely to melt Plexiglas. See the attached sheet from -pointers for drilling acrylic.


  • Always wear proper safety gear including safety goggles!
  • You can use either a regular power drill or you can use a drill press working at about 500 to 1000 RPM. You can get acrylic drill bits, but the manufacturer states that most drill bits will function adequately if you proceed slowly.
  • Practice on a small piece of scrap if possible first!
  • Put it on top of a piece of wood – like MDF – this helps reduce chip-outs.
  • Clamp the sheet down to the MDF or plywood you’re using underneath. Secure it well.
  • Don’t drill too close to the edge of acrylic – it’s notorious for chipping if too close.
  • Start to drill slowly. You don’t need a center-punch like you would with metal. Continue to drill slowly and steadily. Clear the shavings frequently – you need to see what you’re doing!
  • If you’ve got a thick sheet of acrylic, stop frequently and clear the shavings and allow your drill bit a little time to cool off, so you don’t melt the acrylic.

Lucite-topped Pallet Table Pallet Coffee Tables

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Looks pretty awesome. Would love to see the lights (sorry I couldn’t find the photo)

Heather Stiletto

Yup. This is tasty! <3

Jonathan Jonas McGovern

Aubrey we should make this! LED’s on the underside would be cool too.

Dave Mcdonald

This is the table lit up at night…not the best photo but you get the idea!

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