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by Adrian Lloyd

Log Store Made From Six Pallets

  • 6 pallets

  • medium

  • n/a

  • $60

After looking at the cost of log stores at our local garden center, I visited and was inspired by having a go at making one myself. Both sides are intended for logs, with the shelf under the roof for kindling, but until I get my next load of logs, I am using the right side to store the off-cuts from the pallets. Our garden is small, so I went high instead of wide, hence the projecting roof to keep the rain out.

In total, I used six large pallets (kindly donated by Chris Hearn, the owner of Loddon Brewery), 18m of reclaimed 47mm x 47 mm (bought from Oxford Wood Recycling), approx. Four hundred 50mm wood screws, twenty-four corner braces, five liters of wood stain, and four paving slabs (to keep the store off the ground). The total cost of the materials was £40.00.

Log Store Made From Six Pallets Pallet Sheds, Cabins, Huts & Playhouses
Log Store Made From Six Pallets Pallet Sheds, Cabins, Huts & Playhouses
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Catalina Daves
Catalina Daves

Hi I’m Catalina I live in san jacinto ca. I live in the river bottom I’m off grid. Anyways I’m tired of paying for tents aobi was wondering if living on a low income would make it easy or harder for me to build a pallet shed for me and my dogs

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