Little Love Shack

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Following on from my box arrow, I wanted to try something else as a quick, simple project. Started off with a thicker pallet board for the base and rounded off the corners with my newly repaired belt sander. The back of the shack is just two off cuts of pallet wood nailed and glued together with braces across the back. I used building adhesive from a cartridge and to be honest; it’s not as good as pea wood glue. The back was attached to the base with wood screws in pre-drilled holes, and the same method was used for the sides and roof.

The roof was cut from the sides of an old bed frame, sorry no pallet use there. I originally had cut all the bevels with a handsaw and then trimmed to fit with the belt sander. When everything was together, I used wood filler to cover the screw heads and gaps along the roof. Sanded smooth by hand when it had dried plus a light sanding all over.The roof was painted with acrylic mixed equal black and white, when it was dry sandpaper was drawn along to reveal the grain.

The heart shape was traced around a cookie cutter and then burnt in using a soldering iron, a was my name on the back. The heart was painted with red acrylic and rubbed back when dry to show the grain. A coat of clear wax was applied all over being careful not to rub too hard on the painted areas as it bleeds slightly on first application. It stands 32cm high and is only just a little wider across the roof.

Little Love Shack Pallet Home Accessories
Little Love Shack Pallet Home Accessories
Little Love Shack Pallet Home Accessories
Little Love Shack Pallet Home Accessories

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