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by Ken

Hand-painted Easy Pallet Picture

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  • 2h

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Create an Easy Pallet Picture in two hours that is unique without spending a penny! I completed this painted picture in about two hours!

Make a custom, hand-painted design of your choice (or stencil it!) on this Easy Pallet Picture!

I built this pallet canvas and painting in about two hours. First, cut six pallet boards at 2′ long. I joined them on the back with glue. After staining, I painted a picture I saw at a store and liked. I roughed the paint up after it dried with sandpaper and applied a polyurethane to seal. The final part was to pick the perfect place to display it. I hope this inspires you to create your version!

Hand-painted Easy Pallet Picture Pallet Wall Decor & Pallet Painting
You don’t even need a complete pallet to create this project. Get 6 or 7 pallet deck boards, cut them to the size you want, and then you’ll have a pallet wood canvas to create your masterpiece!

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Jana Džejna Kopecká

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