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Glass Bottle And Pallet Vase

Here is a beautiful project that was originally not made with repurposed pallets but why not replacing the white-wood board used for the original project by old pallet planks?

Moreover, glass and wood are two materials that combine very well with each other and we absolutely love this glass bottles and wood vase! The design is very simple and easy to replicate, it’s a perfect use for those old glass bottles you’ve been collecting. For the full tutorial and free plans, visit Shanty 2 Chic website. It will take you approximately an hour to do the entire thing, depending if you have to cut the bottles or not. In that case, check out how to cut glass bottles!

Glass Bottle And Pallet Vase Pallet Home Accessories

Glass Bottle And Pallet Vase Pallet Home Accessories


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John Ramsey

wish do it but we dont have glass milk bottle any more

Alexandra Bssrt

Steph 💚

Steph Âne Hi

Oui c’est à quelque chose dans ce style que je pensais c’est super beau !

Janet Du Fall

Eden Du Fall, wedding table idea?

Courtney LaDuke

Shannon Wagman or Joe Schrum do you have a saw? I want to cut up some pallets!

Joe Schrum

I’m sorry, I don’t. That looks awesome though :-)

Shannon Wagman

The only saw I have unfortunately is Eli’s fake one.

Sandra Turner Robertson

Case some very fitting in your new kitchen

Allecia Ward

Lance I love this

Bianca Witney

That would look cool

Alysha Jane Hunter

Be such a simple center piece

Bianca Witney

Might just do two of those bottles go next silver tree

Alysha Jane Hunter

There gonna look cool those bottles

Bianca Witney

Then I’ll keep them for my usual table centrepiece lol

Alysha Jane Hunter

Plus they can be use as a vase lol

Bianca Witney

Yeah or I’ll put long candles in them

Alysha Jane Hunter

Yeah true they can be multipurpose

Alysha Jane Hunter

Bianca Witney
Something like this for Christmas? With those balloon bottles you showed me and blue and white flowers

Laura Elia Rico

Elias Rico

Ayanne Guimaraes Guterres

Alice Sousa Mota


Really elegant..:-)

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