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by Andy Reay

Garden Sofa & Coffee Table

  • 13 pallets

  • medium

  • 16h

  • $55

I made this sofa and coffee table from 13 pallets I got from work. I used the plywood topped type as I didn’t want to any gaps on the seats. I stacked three on top of each other and fixed them together with screws. I then set another 3 in an L shape and then used another four pallets to make the back and sides. The draws can open for storage and also make a step to help our miniature dachshund get on the chair. The cushions are cast outs from our house and old sun lounger cushions covered by quilt covers.

I made the coffee table by stacking two regular pallets one on top of each other and fixed them together with screws again l then bought some casters and painted it with coloured varnish.

Garden Sofa & Coffee Table Lounges & Garden Sets

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