Pallet FurniturePallet Cabinets & WardrobesGarden Outdoor Cabinet out of Pallet Wood

Garden Outdoor Cabinet out of Pallet Wood

  • 1 pallet

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  • 5h

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This was my first piece using random wood I had lying around mixed in with pallet wood. It does not have a stain as those are the natural colors of the wood pieces. I wanted a cabinet outside to hide all of my gardening junk! I use it to keep all of my gardening essentials in and out of the weather. The hardest part for me is getting things square. I was able to put it together in a day. However, I added the doors on at a later date. This project was before I purchased pneumatic nail guns and was put together with screws. I did not have a chop/miter saw at that time either so I used a circular saw to cut the boards. Some of the wood are treated lumber that I picked up off

Garden Outdoor Cabinet out of Pallet Wood Pallet Cabinets & Wardrobes

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Crow Feather

How about an inside kitchen unit??!!

Reply to  Crow Feather

Our Crafters have made those too! There have been amazing kitchen and bath transformations! :-D Happy Palleting – HS.

Andrew Hall


Edie Scarpill

Very nice I would use this indoors … (Y) (Y) (Y)


Love this! The rounded edges on the doors, and the outer structural frame that was turned into a decorative piece – you’ve got talent overflow! I can’t wait to see what other lovely creations you make. Keep on building!

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