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by Bradley Cummings

Garbage Can Holder Out Of Pallet Wood

  • 3 pallets

  • medium

  • n/a

  • n/a

Just a little trash can holder. I got tired of dogs getting n in the garbage when we went somewhere, so here’s my solution. I took about 4 hrs, mostly because I was working here and there. The hardest part was the door.

Garbage Can Holder Out Of Pallet Wood Pallet Boxes & Chests
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Robin Keeley
Robin Keeley

Are there any dimensions or information on this project?

Rob Orozco
Rob Orozco

How do I get plans for this project?

Zuleimy Ortiz

Denisse Marie Hernández

Raymond Molina

Nice wood work

Lucie Metayer

Charly : j’aime bien cette réalisation

Wellington Benigno

Will Root’s ocupa sua mente, faz um desses p colocar de baixo da pia

Geraldine Taylor

Ned Haaja this in the new house!

Charlene McDowell Dean

I suppose you are referring to storing? I haven’t read up on how to store yet. But I really like the concept. One for my recycle stuff would be neat. Have to share with Dad. But wait…..not until after I get my book loaning thingy.

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