Pallet FurniturePallet Bookcases & BookshelvesFrom That… to That…

From That… to That…

  • 1.5 pallets

  • medium

  • 15h

  • free

This bookcase/cabinet project took some time to create as no nails or screws were used in its construction, so therefore, there’s a lot of waiting for the glue to set. I’m lucky having a planer/thicknesser, (jointer) bandsaw, sliding mitre saw, etc. I think it turned out OK.

From That… to That… Pallet Bookcases & Bookshelves Pallet Shelves & Pallet Coat Hangers
From That… to That… Pallet Bookcases & Bookshelves Pallet Shelves & Pallet Coat Hangers

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Nice looking bookcase/cabinet. Could easily make & add crates for each opening. In the past I’ve used blue pallets for projects. Have sanded the pallet wood but left most of the color show through on the project and it looks GREAT. Normally do that when building cedar chests. Really like that cabinet project.

Ferran Giráldez Garcia

Absolutely fantastic

Horacio Garrido

no le veo la gracia…. para eso compro madera en una maderera…. la esencia de hacerlo de pallet es que sea rustico y se pueda distinguir el reutilizado de la madera…. para que parezca un mueble en serie lo hago con madera a medida y no se nota la diferencia…

Tommy Keisler

Jennifer Wills

Jennifer Wills
Reply to  Tommy Keisler

Now we’re talking a whole work bench /work shed/

Terry Acres

Never shows u how hard pallets can be to pull apart

Reply to  Terry Acres

Depends on how the pallet was to be used. I’ve picked up pallets before that were made for highway construction and I couldn’t take them apart. Those would be ideal for when a person is making a small shed. A highway pallet would be good to use for the floor.

Rick Celentano

More like 3 pallets and its taller than most pallets. I hate when people claim something is made from pallets and its clearly not.

Janis Küünarpuu

not possible! pallet isnt so big. there is at least 2 ballets! dont give us wrong info.

Daniel plant
Daniel plant

Hi do you have any plans on how to build this would love to build this for my kids to put DVDs in ??

France Blanchard

Wow…c beau ça…;-)

Paul Eckert

You can make any boards look good with the right tools. Like an abrasive planer,table saw,router,etc..

Cedric Neshobasdream

C est bien gentil de nous faire baver mais un tuto serait bienvenu!

Damien Hamilton

Great Sean, let’s have a go ok ?

Sandrine Charpentier

Bonjour jadore !!! Est il possible d’avoir un tuto j’aimerais beaucoup le refaire


Avez vous un détail pour l’assemblage?

Marie Dupont

jolie le meuble

Marie Zendano

Beautiful job Ed (very talented)!

Yamen Ahmad

Very nice, could you please send us the steps …

Josh DiPetro

Plus a few 1×6 poplar boards

Claire Muller

Polo Muller jveu pareil

Ian Rawlinson

That unit took more than one pallet !

Wendell Hembree

Very nice work!!

Cicilou Mintens

Yo, je crois qu’on va bientôt trouver un meuble à faire pour les vinyles ;) celui là est pas mal ^^

Tad Thies

Link is not working

Lorna Wilson

Mike Wilson get pallets to make hall shelving?


I love it I want something like this for all of my craft supplies

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