Pallet FurnitureFinding New Ways to Furnish Your Home With Pallets

Finding New Ways to Furnish Your Home With Pallets

Furnishing a new home or upgrading furniture in your current home is truly a fun way to spend your time. Yes, it can be hard if you don’t really know what you like but that’s okay! The real joy is in the discovery of items that are functional and express your style. Whether it’s finding pieces or accents at a North Carolina furniture store or a thrift shop in Wisconsin, these are a few items from repurposed pallet wood that we think are fabulous and you should look into.

In The Living Room

The living room is that room that is used often and rarely updated. This is where friends come over and curl up on couches for movie nights. Where kids gather to play video games. The space that we move to after dinner for some casual conversation. Most people opt for strong and sturdy furniture in this room and forget about design. Our suggestion is to revisit the sectional sofa and maybe build a pallet sofa. They are an excellent option for providing plenty of cozy seating for everyone. Look for bold colors that you love or soft colors to create a gentle feel for the room. Paired with a fabulous coffee table and pallet coasters, this will be an inviting room.

Storing Your Beloved Tomes

Bookshelves are fairly standard when you go shelf shopping. We encourage a little ingenuity and flair when it comes to shelving. You can create unique bookshelves with one side of an old wooden ladder nailed to the wall. The length of the ladder supports the books with the rungs functioning as bookends. Want something easier? A baker’s rack is perfect for storing books of all shapes and sizes. If you are handy, building a reading nook with pallet wood in your favorite room is always an added plus. Design the shelving around a window and create a seat right in the window itself so you can easily curl up with your current read.

Love More Than Your Food

The kitchen is everyone’s favorite place to be and keeping it functional is super important. Your furniture is just as important here. It serves to reflect your style while you can focus on accomplishing all that you desire on the stove. Have a bar in your kitchen? Rather than your standard barstool, consider opting for a tall bench upholstered in your favorite colors. It brings people just a bit closer together for a quick breakfast or snack and adds stylish flair with something not a lot of us see. If your space is limited and the kitchen table is feeling overwhelming, reconsider the layout of the space. Creating a pallet kitchen island may be exactly what you need. In the corner or one side of the room, you can install a bench so that you can push the table closer to the wall and free up traffic space. It will also give you a little bit more in the way of seating.

New Ways To Hang Art or Pictures

Sometimes we run out of wall space. There are just too many pictures and pieces of art to hang up. Finding new ways of hanging pictures is as easy as obtaining a few new accents. Our favorite method for displaying art or wall is in the glass window pane, door panel or simply pallet planks. You can paint the wood any color you desire (great for complimenting a piece of art) and display the work behind the glass. Photos can be taped to the glass or placed in traditional frames that are attached. We recommend photos go in frames before attaching so that tape doesn’t destroy your picture. If you still have posters that you had in the bedroom as a teen, frame them in something decorative! It adds a bit of style and you can show off what inspires you each day.

Finding New Ways to Furnish Your Home With Pallets DIY Pallet Tutorials Pallet Benches, Pallet Chairs & Stools Pallet Furniture Pallet Tutorials
source: Diy: Pallet Picture Wall

Furniture and accents are easy to come by. We encourage you to think outside the box. Buy what you need and don’t be afraid to paint it or add to it to show off your style. Create what you can from upcycled materials. It’s all out there waiting for you to make it magical.

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