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by Phil

My Family Coat Hanger Made Out Of A Single Pallet

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My Family Coat Hanger Made Out Of A Single Pallet Pallet Shelves & Pallet Coat Hangers

Fed up of buying cheaply made products such as the latest six-hook coat hanger that fell off the wall, I thought, “I could make a better one than that!“.

So with four school aged children and a small house I needed one place to store the summer and winter coats (British weather!), hats, scarves, school bags and more.

I spoke with my local farm shop owner, and he kindly donated some dilapidated pallets. I went to work as soon as and produced this family hanger.

I’ve used the six slats from a single pallet, secured two on the wall as battens and fixed the other four planks as hanging shelves. Decided to fix them at random angles. The last planks split in 2 as I was separating the pallet and I liked the look of the five shelves! Fix the battens to the wall then mark where the planks will go.

I secured the battens using metal plasterboard screws from a local merchant and used 1-inch wood screws to secure the hanging planks. Drill a narrow pilot hole, so the wood screws don’t split the wood.

The final touch was to add some color to the planks using solvent free wood glazing paint. Important to rub the planks down first with a grinder or sandpaper if you want to paint them. Alternatively, leave them be for the untreated look. Overall it took about 5 hours to complete and being left overnight to dry.

The best thing about it is we can all reach the hangers now with my stuff on the top shelves and my five years olds coats and stuff on the bottom shelf!

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Brittany Marsh

This makes me cringe

Loretta Miller

looks like something i’d build

Lau Lauriane Peeto

Love it !!! Serge et Isabelle : une belle idée !

Fabien Lacombe

This is mine

Yannis Bailly
Reply to  Fabien Lacombe

Le tien est franchement mieux

Fabien Lacombe
Reply to  Fabien Lacombe


June Garner

Love the colors!

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