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by Cris

Easy Pallet Bed Side Table

  • 2 pallets

  • easy

  • 1.5h

  • $5

My girlfriend was tired of the small bedside table she had and wanted one taller, so I made this Easy Pallet Bed Side Table. I made it from scratch using wood from small display pallets I got from work. It only took about an hour, not including the polyurethane.

My Easy Pallet Bed Side Table:

I made it 28 inches tall, and about 16 inches wide so that I could put a small shelf underneath for her laptop and other personal effects. The 2×4″ boards were from a bigger pallet. I sourced everything I used to make this from pallets. The wood on top and the bottom shelf is pine, which it did split as I screwed it together. Pre-drilling would’ve prevented the splitting. I didn’t want to use the old nails because they bent so easy. First, I built the table frame. Next, I cut the legs to length and installed them into the frame. I added the lower shelf support brackets and then added boards to finish the shelf. Finally, I topped the table with more deck boards. I applied a polyurethane finish to it after sanding.

Easy Pallet Bed Side Table Pallet Desks & Pallet Tables

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