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Dog Kennel From Repurposed Pallets

A dog kennel I made from pallets for a friend. If anyone is interested in how I built it and would like to have ago I have posted a step by step video on Youtube, below is the link for it.

Dog Kennel From Repurposed Pallets Animal Pallet Houses & Pallet Supplies

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I haven’t known an outside dog to go in his house except to sleep. if they get hot, they will come out. My neighbors dog dug a huge hole under his house to sleep in when it was hot. if you put the house in the shade it would be ok. I would go with a light colored roof and lighter paint. In colder areas I would raise it off the ground… keeps it dry and warmer if you used Styrofoam or something to insulate. if you are in a warm year round climate, you can always cut ventilation or… Read more »

Hudson Silva


Tatiana Silva

E essa casinha cachorro Hudson Silva

Truly Bravo

I love the pallet fence too..

Mike Williams

Like the stain color!


its very pretty and all- and the video is quite graphically appealing, but there doesnt seem to be sufficient ventilation for the poor dog.

add to that the dark color and this would quickly turn into a pressure cooker, if you live in a hot area.

seems more of a dog house instead of a “kennel”- its an “almost”.

tell me: does the dog like it and spend tjme in it?

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