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Light Your Pallet Shelving Projects!

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Have you wanted to make a bit more storage, but you can't add it because you have to keep that annoying lamp in place? Not anymore! You can combine the two in this handy DIY Video Tutorial: Light Your Pallet Shelving Projects with the help of our friends at Sikana.tv!

Light Your Pallet Shelving - learn the basics to create simple storage solutions AND light up your office, bedroom or work space easily!

This simple idea is great for that small, dimly-lit space, or as an expandable idea for a larger shelving unit. The rustic design is a perfect backdrop for any piece of art, those special books, or anything you want to highlight specifically. Build a shelf for your home office, shed, man cave or den! Buy a pre-built retro lamp to skip the wiring hassles!

Sikana.tv will teach you how to make a beautiful and handy shelving unit like this one. It has a built-in light fixture that is easier than you think!
Light Your Pallet Shelving: Use store-bought shelving brackets to make this project fast and easy.
You can keep it simple with one shelf, or you can make a larger project with multiple shelves and lights. It's all up to you, but our friends at Sikana.tv will help get you started!
Light Your Pallet Shelving - once the brackets are installed, add a pallet board scrap to create the shelf. Install it with screws (after pre-drilling to prevent cracking or splitting).
If you can drill a few holes, you can create extra storage! And, you can add lighting around to your home with the help of Sikana.tv!
Light Your Pallet Shelving - here the Crafter strips the wires for the lamp. There are several types of wire strippers available at your local home center. Get help from a licensed Electrician if you're intimidated by this step - safety is always a priority here at 1001pallets.com
Strip the wires, and you're almost ready to install the light fixture! It's easier than you think. You can always purchase a wall sconce or clamp on lamp to make it super-simple!

Check out more great videos by sikana.tv on a variety of topics that you'll find great to incorporate into your lifestyle! Hundreds of DIY video tutorials are available for you! When you're done lighting your world, celebrate with this Pallet Bar With Ice Chest Storage!

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