Pallet FurniturePallet BarsDiy: Pallet Bar Idea

Diy: Pallet Bar Idea

  • 2 pallets

  • easy

  • 8h

  • $45

My first attempt at building anything, pallets came from neighbours, and I bought some 2″ by 2″ for the frame and added in some chipboard shelves. Two pieces clamped together, and the bar top screwed down in three places.

Diy: Pallet Bar Idea Pallet Bars
Diy: Pallet Bar Idea Pallet Bars

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Pourriez vous prendre une photo de l’intérieur. Par avance merci. Je le trouve magnifique et j’aimerai bien en faire un moi aussi.

Renée Tallowin


Alec JA

Unfortunately Venture Scouts was stopped years ago and the age ranges changed. 14-18 are Explorers and from 18-25 is called Network. We’re building kit boxes at the moment and they’re proficient at tents/shelters and fire lighting. The cooking is something we’re working on. We’ve got an International Evening in the next couple of weeks so they’ll cook and run the entire evening. We do a lot of outdoor survival type stuff as they prefer this and it gets them out more.

Henry O'Reilly

This would be cool Sinead C Kavanagh. Heehee

Sinead C Kavanagh
Reply to  Henry O'Reilly

I can see it set up outside the pallet shed in the garden! Your very own (well Tracy’s very own) Tiki Bar! ;-)

Sinead C Kavanagh

One for you Henry!

Rod Cooper

Alec JA…this what you should build with the scouts! Lol ?

Philippe Calda

Beau bar

Lakyn Barnes

Ryan Barnes lets make it!!

Ryan Barnes
Reply to  Lakyn Barnes

Yea 44th At a awesome we would have to buy us some nice pallets for that

Lakyn Barnes
Reply to  Lakyn Barnes

Yeah babe

Aurélie Lavergne

Nous aussi on pense très souvent à toi Steph Anie ?. Je pense venir faire le tour des amies du sud cet été mais en attendant vous êtes les bienvenues pour un petit week end au milieu des volcans ?

Steph Anie

Je pense souvent a vous … A très vite j’espère les amis bisous de nous Aurélie Lavergne, Philippe Aidi,Johann Lavergne

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