Pallet FurniturePallet BarsPallet Console Bar

Pallet Console Bar

  • 3 pallets

  • medium

  • 20h

  • $40

I built this console bar with recovered planks from three EURO wood pallets recovered free of charge. It took me around 20 hours to build it.

Projet réalisé avec des planches de 3 palettes EU neuves mais récupérées gracieusement :)

Pallet Console Bar Pallet Bars
Pallet Console Bar Pallet Bars
Pallet Console Bar Pallet Bars
Pallet Console Bar Pallet Bars
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Kirsty Hill

Natalie Devereux get Jamie on this! How cool! Xx

Natalie Devereux
Reply to  Kirsty Hill

Kirsty Hill cool 😎 I’d love one in the garden xx

Dè Loreś

Fee Rawh 🧐😲🤗🤔

Fee Rawh
Reply to  Dè Loreś

Dè Loreś been thinking about it hey x

Carly Dess

Paul Dess you could do this for the summer…my little gin bar 😅😂

Nicole Wood

Damien Hocking

Colleen Whitwell

Matthew Robert Whitwell

Chris Merrick

David Marsh I’m thinking this for the tiki bar build x

bob sauve
bob sauve



Do you have instructions or at least a materials list and measurements for this wonderful bar? If so, would i be able to get them?

Paul O'Donoghue

Julie-Anne O’Donoghue

Cleblue La Batide

Marie Deyts !

Wayne Giles

Hilary Stevens

Peter Mehonoshen

Glen Newman there is our bar

Julie Foster

Katy Wells we should make one of these

love it!!!

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