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Darling Little Pallet Playhouse

  • 5 pallets

  • medium

  • 24h

  • $15

Close the door and lock the shutters - let imagination carry you away! Those adventures can happen in a Darling Little Pallet Playhouse like this one. With the extra touches including the little flower basket and the nice little shelves, your children would have hours and hours of adventures!

I made this playhouse as a gift to my daughter when she became a big sister. The playhouse measures 80cm wide by 120cm length. I built the walls separately and then hung between them with rafters cut in half to make triangles. I did this to avoid any sharp, pointy corners that could hurt little ones. Next, I made the shutters by cutting down some deck boards and assembled them with wooden dowels.

The door was kept simple; it is only planks screwed to the Z-shaped frame. I completed this project in about three weekends. The first two weekends were for assembly; I finished painting the project on the last weekend. The wood absorbed a lot of paint - I had to apply three layers of white paint to get it to be bright.

La cabane a été faite comme cadeau à ma fille lorsqu'elle est devenue grande soeur. Au niveau de la taille, j'ai fais au plus simple. La longueur fait 1m20 la largeur 80cm. les parois ont été réalisée séparément et ensuite accrochées entre elle avec des chevrons de récupération coupé en deux afin d'en faire des triangles. (afin d'éviter tout coin un peu trop pointu sur lesquelles la petite pourrait se blesser). Les volets quand a eux sont assemblés avec des chevilles en bois. La porte quand à elle, ce ne sont que des planches vissées les une aux autres. Le projet a du me prendre plus ou moins 3 week-ends. 2week ends de construction, un autre de peinture. les bois absorbant beaucoup j'ai du mettre 3 couches de blancs.

Darling Little Pallet Playhouse Fun Pallet Crafts for Kids
Darling Little Pallet Playhouse Fun Pallet Crafts for Kids
Darling Little Pallet Playhouse Fun Pallet Crafts for Kids

Resources for this project:

Bio: A Belgian woodworker with a passion for reclaimed wood.... read more

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