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A Classic Garden Pallet Sofa

  • 8 pallets

  • medium

  • 24h

  • $330

To build this classic garden sofa:

  • 8 standard euro pallets,
  • treated with a 50/50 mixture of turpentine spirit/linseed oil to protect from weather conditions.

Construction of three movable blocks consisting of two stacked pallets each:

  • pallets are joint with 8x100mm bolts and self-locking nuts,
  • each block is equipped with four heavy duty castors (here); two of them are braked (here).


  • Foam filling ordered here:
    • Meridian: 1 x 120cmx80cmx10cm @ 24kg/m3
    • Sofa seating : 2 x 120cmx70cmx10cm @24kg/m3
    • Sofa backs: 2 x 120x50cmx10cm @ 16kg/m3

Seat covering:

  • Heavy dark gray cotton cloth 8mx1.5m ordered here. Velcros are sewed at the bottom of each seat for steady fixing with pallets. Each element is equipped with a 120cm zip for eased removal for cleaning.
A Classic Garden Pallet Sofa Pallet Sofas & Couches
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Nice ideas

Martha Xavier

Dalila Haum

Eric Comstock

This is nice

Susan Crocker
Susan Crocker

U have great ideas, I’m new to this. Thanks

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