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Block-leg Pallet Table

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This Block-Leg Pallet Table has an interesting twist on the rustic look; I stacked pallet blocks, attached them together and stabilized them with smaller pieces of wood. A great way to recycle those piles of blocks that accumulate!

Here’s my Block-Leg Pallet Table:

I made this recently from sanded and waxed pallet wood. This is my first attempt, and although I like it, I’m going to tweak the design and improve it if possible. First, I built four sets of legs from pallet blocks. I attached them together with smaller strips of pallet wood and screws. Next, I framed the legs in with more deck boards to create a rectangle shape. I put another deck board across both narrow ends and secured them in place so I’d have a place to mount the table top boards onto. Finally, I installed the tabletop boards in place, securing them with screws as well.

To finish my Block-Leg Pallet Table, I sanded all the surfaces down until they smooth enough to be comfortable but left the defects in place. I simply applied a coating of wax to the wood and buffed it out to obtain this satiny finish.

Block-leg Pallet Table Pallet Coffee Tables
Block-leg Pallet Table Pallet Coffee Tables
Block-leg Pallet Table Pallet Coffee Tables

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