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by Shaun Matthews

Big Beautiful Pallet Kitchen Table Set

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I made this project from a heavy-duty, oversized pallet. This pallet is the type that is used to deliver steel on. I used those large, long boards to make this Big Beautiful Pallet Kitchen Table Set. The dimensions of the table are 7’×5′ and 52″ tall. I made the legs out of cedar end posts. Then, I stained everything in a warm cedar color and used shellac to finish. The total cost for this project was around 60 dollars. But now I have a big, beautiful kitchen table set for my big, beautiful, family!

Big Beautiful Pallet Kitchen Table Set:

First, I broke down the large, heavy-duty pallets I had. Next, I built the table frame and reinforced where I planned to mount the legs. Also, I added cross-beams to provide support so the center of the table wouldn’t sag. I planed all the boards to an even thickness after carefully removing all the nails, staples, etc. Then, I framed it out so that my final dimensions were 7′ x 5′. Next, I custom-carved all of the table legs from cedar posts.

I made two tall, bar-stool-style chairs out of the stringer boards, and pocket-joined them together. I purposely faced the pocket joints out because I like the look of them. Finally, I sanded everything smooth and finished it in a cedar color. The table was sealed with shellac for a durable, long-lasting finish. Our family loves this Pallet Kitchen Table Set.

Big Beautiful Pallet Kitchen Table Set Pallet Desks & Pallet Tables

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