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Narrow Pallet Couch Table

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Small space? No problem! Make your custom, DIY Narrow Pallet Couch Table to fit your home’s dimensions and decor. You’ll save money and trees by making it yourself with reclaimed pallets.

How we made this Narrow Pallet Couch Table:

We built the table frame from leftover 2×4″ boards. We had to dig through the pallet boards to find enough that weren’t too warped, but we managed it! We cut and installed them on the diagonal for more visual interest. We rough-sanded them just to remove splintery edges but wanted to leave the rustic feel of the boards intact. We built this in three hours, and it turned out great!

Narrow Pallet Couch Table Pallet Desks & Pallet Tables
Narrow Pallet Couch Table Pallet Desks & Pallet Tables

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Gemma Kernick

Daniel Kernick

Heather Stiletto

Nice use of a small space and gaining some fun shelf space. :-D

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