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by Malcolm Cragg

Adorable Pallet Kitchen Container Set

  • 1 pallet

  • medium

  • 4h

  • free

It’s so satisfying to personalize my home with this Pallet Kitchen Container Set. These pallet containers use just the wood and pins to make, along with stenciled paints to style the decorative touches.

Pallet Kitchen Container Set:

I used a chop saw, table saw and a router to make this project easy. It’s attached with finishing nails. First, I cut pieces to form the walls of the containers and butt-joined them together. Next, I pieced together lids by making small frames from strips I cut. I attached the frames to larger board pieces that I routed over to create decorative edges. Then I cut additional pieces for the bases and routed them over as well. I sanded but left them somewhat rustic. Finally, I used stencils to create the little decorative words.

Editor’s note: ALWAYS be sure of the type of wood pallets you’re using, particularly if around food or indoors. ONLY use heat-treated pallets. When in doubt, throw that pallet out! Please see our Pallet Safety page for more information!

Adorable Pallet Kitchen Container Set Pallet Boxes & Chests

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Ben Hart

Job on then lol

Gavin Jones
Reply to  Ben Hart

she said yes ..

Ben Hart
Reply to  Ben Hart

Cool whole house be wood soon lol

Gavin Jones

well sarah does want some new containers …

Fran Rich

j’aime beaucoup, mais pourquoi il n’y a pas une version française??????????????????????

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