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Adorable Pallet Kids Bouncy Car / Auto Z Palet Promojí Dceru

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This Adorable Pallet Kids Bouncy Car will even have springs installed so that it'll swing from side-to-side! It's made from five Euro pallets with a piece of MDF on the roof. Even in an incomplete state, this project should inspire a lot of creativity for your backyard play areas!

Adorable Pallet Kids Bouncy Car:

First, I started with a Euro pallet that had a solid top deck. If you don't have a pallet with a solid deck, just fill in the gaps with more deck boards. Next, I framed a simple box for the front of the car, butt-joining the wood and securing with screws. Included in that box frame were two 2x4" boards that will act as the windshield frame and canopy support. Then, I added a deck board across the top of the verticals to stabilize them. I mounted two chipboard pallet blocks onto a scrap piece of deck board and installed it onto the front of the car for "headlights."

Adorable Pallet Kids Bouncy Car - seat and canopy:

I used more 2x4" boards to frame out a simple bench seat and rear canopy supports. Next, I covered the seat and seatback area with deck boards. I cut a piece of MDF to the size I wanted for the canopy and mounted it to the supports. Then, I framed it out with more deck boards for a finished look. I installed two wide deck boards as side supports for the bench seat.

This project is not complete, but I was excited to share. I still am waiting for the steering wheel, clocks to use as gauges, some outdoor carpeting to line the floor and then paint. I will mount the car onto four automotive springs so that the vehicle will then swing from side to side when occupied. I'll update you all when I finish the project.

Na stavbu autíčka jsem použil cca 5 euro palet a m2 IPA na střechu. Auto není ještě hotové, ještě ho čeká volant, budíky, padál a barevný natěr. Nasledně auto bude stát na pružinách z tlumičů ze Škody Octavia. Takže se bude houpat ze strany na stranu.

Adorable Pallet Kids Bouncy Car1
Adorable Pallet Kids Bouncy Car2
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Adorable Pallet Kids Bouncy Car4
Adorable Pallet Kids Bouncy Car5
Adorable Pallet Kids Bouncy Car6
Adorable Pallet Kids Bouncy Car7
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