Adorable Halloween Pumpkin Light Quartet

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I made this adorable Pumpkin Light Quartet out of a single pallet. Then I simply lit them with cost-effective and safe battery-operated light sticks set on "flash" mode.

Adorable Pumpkin Light Quartet:

First, I broke a pallet down and cut the pieces into 45cm (approx. 17.75")  lengths, making sure the sides of the boards were relatively straight and all the same width. I screwed the four pieces together to make a hollow tube. Next, I cut a 30-degree triangle from one end, leaving the back of the board at the same length and the front now approximately 12-15cm (approx. 4.75 - 5") shorter.

To make the lid, I cut two short pieces of pallet wood and glued them together side by side, making sure that they were big enough to overlap the angled top all the way around. After drying, they were sanded and painted green. My kids designed the pumpkin faces they wanted on paper. Then, I glued them to the front of the box and cut the designs out with a jigsaw. The paper was removed, and the sharp edges were sanded down and the burrs removed. I decided to paint the inside of the cut-out areas black to create the illusion of depth. Finally, I painted the whole thing in a pumpkin-orange paint.

Once dried, I dropped in a cheap battery operated light stick (Poundland) inside and set it to flashing mode and that's it. Really easy and do-able in a weekend or a day if you get up early enough and the paint dries fast.

Adorable Pumpkin Light Quartet1
Adorable Pumpkin Light Quartet2
Adorable Pumpkin Light Quartet3

Adorable Pumpkin Light Quartet4

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Scott Parker-copestick

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