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Treadle Base Pallet Board Accent Table

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This Treadle Base Pallet Board Accent Table was a fun build. It recycled an old treadle sewing machine base and some heavy-duty pallets. My brother-in-law is a stone mason and generates a lot of heavy-duty pallets. We broke the pallets down and added a few interesting upcycled items to create a brand new piece. This project was to add a new top to an old sewing machine stand for our beach house. All you need is a pallet, a saw, some screws, a little Kilzs paint or stain, and a cheap yard sale find!

Treadle Base Pallet Board Accent Table – super simple:

First, find an old treadle base. You can find them easily on Craigslist, eBay, and here and there at yard sales. We painted this particular base with a faux patina to create the aged copper look. Most treadles came stock in a black paint. Next, add two pieces of stringer boards to the top of the treadle, and bolt in place. Finally, cut deck boards to length and install them across the stringer boards to create the table. Finish any way you choose. We simply coated them with some Kilz sealer and paint, and once it was dry, used it as a charming accent table. My old sewing machine table is now ready and I love it!

Treadle Base Pallet Board Accent Table Pallet Desks & Pallet Tables

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