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10 Pallet Light Ideas You Will Love

Whatever the style and size of your home, you will most certainly be inspired and even attempted to make your own pallet lighting with wooden pallets.

The pallet wood is ideal for creating a 100% customized lamp. You can choose to paint the pallets or customize them by adding lights, light bulbs or just a few decorative objects that you appreciate.

From the "simple" pallet lamp to the more original creations, from a rustic look to modern style, for the living room, kitchen or bedroom, wooden pallets offer an excellent basis for making a lamp suitable for your tastes, your desires, and your requirements.

Rectangular Wood Chandelier Made from Recycled Pallet

A rectangular chandelier made from a recycled wood pallet and designed for wiring and mounting directly into a ceiling, but you can add cord length and a plug for a wall outlet.

Cute Mini Pallet Bedside Lamps

Lovely handmade mini pallets table lamp made from recycled parquet!

Cute Wood Table Lamp made with a Pallet

Lovely Italian square table lamp made from a wood pallet and thin natural ropes.

Pallet wood table lamp
0 Reviews
Pallet wood table lamp
To install, accent lamp made entirely of wood pallet sanded and lightly bleached. Original inscriptions to finish. Lighting is attached to the bottom to let the light between boards. Height 32 cm widt...

Handmade Reclaimed Pallet Lighting Chandelier

Beautiful chandelier made from a wooden pallet, or maybe two... Could be awesome with vintage Edison light bulbs!

See the post!

Kilter Pendant with Wood Oak Pallet

Straightforward and minimal pendant lighting made from great oak hardwood from disused shipping pallets.

Pallet pendant, upcycled wooden lamp, wood lamp, upcycled lamp, zero waste lamp, zero waste pendant, wooden ceiling light , different colors
17 Reviews
Pallet pendant, upcycled wooden lamp, wood lamp, upcycled lamp, zero waste lamp, zero waste pendant, wooden ceiling light , different colors
Handcrafted pallet pendant made of repurposed pallets. Big advantage of this lamp is its light structure and that it allows the light to spread widely. This wooden ceiling light is as much zero wast...

Mason Jar Wood Pallet Chandelier

A perfect lighting chandelier made with mason jar for your home. Designed to go in a kitchen area, if you want them over a table or island they can make them hang at your desired level.

Pallet Wood 3 Bulb Rustic Vintage Lamp

Wood pallet pendant made by Lionworks Designs specializes in lighting, décor, and furnishings for both home and business.

Simple Wall Pallet Lamp DIY Tutorial

Fantastic wood wall pallet lighting! Cut a pallet in two juxtaposed halves and add lighting system.

See the post! - You can even make this lamp by downloading our PDF Tutorial.

Huge Wood Pallet Floor Lamp

Huge rustic pallet lighting fully adjustable. Creates very interesting appearance to any interior space. When fully extended stands approximately 6 feet tall.

Pallet floor lamp wooden floor lamp standing light folding light articulated floor lamp natural colors made by order
33 Reviews
Pallet floor lamp wooden floor lamp standing light folding light articulated floor lamp natural colors made by order
Wooden floor lamp hand-made with reclaimed wood. This lamp provides a warm light appropriate to watch tv or reading. It is perfect to place in the dining room, in the bedroom or in any corner of the h...

Simple Recycled Pallet Floor Lamp

An interesting way to recycle an old wooden pallet into a beautiful and design Floor lamp.

Bio: Blogger on iDLights.com, a community website about lamps & lighting.... read more

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Anne Tichborne

I don’t love them.

David Donovan

OSB &pallet wood

1001 Pallets

So beautiful! I’d love to see the shadows that casts at night! <3 Feel free to submit some of your lamps here: https://www.1001pallets.com/pallet-ideas-send-us/ We'd love to know how you built them! If you're not using pallet wood, you can submit them at our sister site: recyclart.org! Thanks, and Happy Palleting! – BTW, I joined in on the lamp craze with some leftover scrap pallet bits…

Sébastien Gasc

Nicolas Tesson regarde les plafonniers

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