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by Ulan Correa

Wall-mount, Folding Pallet Table

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  • 3h

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With limited space, you need to be creative! Check out this creative Wall-mount, Folding Pallet Table! I only needed one pallet, 3 hours, and a few pieces of recycled hardware!

My inspiration for my Wall-mount, Folding Pallet Table:

I recently moved into a new apartment. I had a corner in the house that I thought would be perfect for my home office. Good thing I still have leftover pallets from my previous project.

I wanted to make a multi-purpose unit that was also space-saving since I like my house to be minimalist. So I made a Wall-mount, Folding Pallet Table! I used the upper deck from a pallet and filled in the spaces with some of the bottom deck boards. I sanded it down, then did some decorative woodburning, since it highlights the wood grain. I stained it a beautiful golden pecan color. When it was dry, I used four hinges and two pneumatic, hydraulic lift support arms to support and to help fold the table when not in use.  This project was fast and could be done by most people; it only took me about three hours to complete. So far, it is working very well for my space, and I’m very happy with how it came out!

You could build it to fit the dimensions of your house, or even use a full pallet and create drawers in the openings between the upper and lower decks for desk storage. You have an array of finishes you could use as well to suit your personal tastes.

Editor’s note: An example of a similar pneumatic, hydraulic lift support arm similar to the one used in this Wall-mount, Folding Pallet Table is provided for informational purposes only We are not receiving any compensation nor are we explicitly endorsing any products mentioned.  

Read about it here.

Wall-mount, Folding Pallet Table Pallet Desks & Pallet Tables

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Just curious, did you finish the bottom? Also, it would look great to put pictures on the bottom. This would make it look very decorative. I have seen where people have transferred photos to wood using ModgePod. Either way, I think this was a great space saving project!

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