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Unique Rope-laced Pallet Bench

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I made this unique (and comfortable) Rope-Laced Pallet Bench from about two half pallets, only using the bottom portion of a very heavy-duty pallet. It took about twelve hours to complete this project, but we’re very happy with the outcome!

My Unique Rope-Laced Pallet Bench – Frame/Legs:

First, I broke down a pallet to separate the heavy-duty stringers and boards. Next, I cut four pieces to the length that were used for the frame. I measured and marked where I needed to pre-drill, and used a bench press to create straight, even holes. Then, I created a frame by butt-joining two longer boards and two shorter boards to make a rectangular bench. I secured the frame together with screws. Finally, I cut a 4×4″ post into four equal lengths and secured the legs flush with the frame using more screws.

My Unique Rope-Laced Pallet Bench Finishing & Lacing:

I sanded the frame and legs to a smooth finish. Next, I applied several coats of varnish, drying and sanding between coats. This step took most of an afternoon. I spent most of the night lacing the bench with a sturdy cotton rope, securing the knots close to the frame to keep it neat looking. Weaving the pattern was slow, but I feel it was well worth it. Now our custom bench looks pretty next to our fireplace! It was time-consuming, but it wasn’t a hard project, and turned out well!

Unique Rope-laced Pallet Bench Pallet Benches, Pallet Chairs & Stools
Unique Rope-laced Pallet Bench Pallet Benches, Pallet Chairs & Stools

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