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What Can I Grow in a Vertical Pallet Garden?

By Neokentin

“What can I grow in a vertical pallet garden?” Well, a lot. With a robust vertical staking and deep container, most vegetables can be grown vertically. It just depends on […]


Make A Vertical Pallet Planter Under 30 Dollars

By AnneJantzDesigns

I retrieved this pallet from behind our local shops. Then I painted it with Milk Paint, sewed plant pockets from landscaping cloth and inserted them into the slats in the pallet.


Jardim Vertical / Vertical Pallet Planters

By Neokentin

Vertical planters installed on the side wall of my house. I used a total of 3 pallets for three planters. The two largest (120x120cm) were shelves that directly served as beds. The […]


How to Make a DIY Pallet Garden

By tomswanson

If you have old pallets you have no use for at this moment, then you may be surprised that there are plenty of chances you can use to turn them into something worthwhile.

Reusing Old Pallets for Garden Projects

By Neokentin

If you have old, used pallets lying around, you’re probably planning to dispose of them eventually or have thought about what you can do with them. One of the best […]


Small Plant Wall From One Upcycled Pallet

By Neokentin

I was looking for a place to put plants but I did not have the possibility to hang them on the wall, so I make a bracket with one single […]


Simple Herb Planter

By Neokentin

Custom-made wooden pallet transformed into a beautiful and practical herb planter! This was made from a light duty 2-way entry pallet measure 1200×1000 mm, and extra boards have been put […]


Vertical Succulent Garden With Wooden Pallet

By Neokentin

Balcony garden / succulents made out of repurposed pallet.


Balcony Garden

By Neokentin

I made this balcony garden from an old recycled pallet.


Vertical Herbs Garden

By Neokentin

Made with dollar store pots and a free pallet! I’ll harvest fresh herbs all summer long!


Mur Floral – Le Touquet / Vertical Garden

By StephanTopalov

Floral wall made with recycled pallets. Mur floral réalisé avec des palettes recyclées.


Easy DIY Vertical Pallet Garden

By Neokentin

Free vertical standing herb garden made out of one recycled wooden pallet.

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