Patriotic Flag Pallet Bench

By trucks593

I used 2×4’s to make the base, and 2×4’s for the legs and arm rest I used 1×6’s for the seat and back then painted with Kilz primer then outdoor white paint then painted the flag.

Crooked-backed Bench Seat

By Neokentin

This bench was made in less than 4hrs. Had to use other lumber not supplied by a pallet.

Two-fisted Sassy Skull Pallet Chair

By Esvadirtybirdcreations

I made this Two-Fisted Sassy Skull Pallet Chair because every man needs a lady. Every lady needs her own Queen-Chair! Make this Sassy Skull Pallet Chair for your special lady, […]

Pallet Box Bench Can Be Used Almost Anywhere!

Pallet Box Bench Can Be Used Almost Anywhere!

By Neokentin

I made this Pallet Box Bench out of three pallets. I cut two of them in half, and the other served to provide the extra boards. This easy bench would […]

Mosaic Inlay Small Pallet Chest/Seat

Mosaic Inlay Small Pallet Chest/Seat

By Adam Pinson

I made this Mosaic Inlay Small Pallet Chest/Seat project using only pallet materials. It features a handset mosaic tile design. This particular box is strong enough to use as a seat […]

Quick Easy Pallet Stools Fit Any Style

By FLAB arredo pallets

stools made with pallets

Easy Pallet Bench

By Neokentin

I made this Easy Pallet Bench to have somewhere in my garage to sit and play guitar. If you ask any guitarist, they’ll all tell you that seating with armrests […]

Outdoor Pallet Lounge Seat

By donno4280

Timber seat made of pallets, so comfy!

Benches for a Restaurant

By Neokentin

Here are 10 benches I made from dismantled pallets. They were made upon order for a restaurant in Paris. Voici 10 bancs réalisés à partir de palettes entièrement démontées. Ils […]

Pallet Love Seat

By Neokentin

I built this using the slats off a Japanese style bed, but pallets work just as well as there the same only these were ready-sanded and prepped.

Pallet Chest/Seat

By Adam Pinson

This half size box/seat project using only pallet materials, this particular box has been created for inside and outside use, so it had to be made durable and weatherproof, each […]

Garden Pallet Bench

By brendan

Recycled pallets sanded and painted with 3 coats of royal blue waterproof outdoor timber paint. Very comfortable and solid with a slight angle back and wide arm rests.

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