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Mosaic Inlay Small Pallet Chest/Seat

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I made this Mosaic Inlay Small Pallet Chest/Seat project using only pallet materials. It features a handset mosaic tile design. This particular box is strong enough to use as a seat also.

Mosaic Inlay Small Pallet Chest/Seat: Handy in your living room, family room, party decor seating, storage solutions, man-cave, and outdoor lounge living!!

First, I broke down one pallet. Next, I built an inner box frame using 1×1″ pieces and butt-joined the cube together. You can see the inside corner for an idea of how I built it. Next, I covered the bottom and then the sides with pallet deck boards, mitering the corners and then rounding them over for a smooth feel. I made the lid by building another frame and capped it with more deck boards. I cut a half-moon shape out of one board with beautiful long-grain showing on the edge for a handle, and mounted it on the inside of the lid after pre-drilling. Finally, I used flush-mount hinges to install the lid to the main box.

This pallet chest/seat would have many uses – just picture it on a set of casters, too!

Next, I Belt sanded and used an angle grinder to smooth the surfaces. The box is assembled with Phillips-head screws. Additionally, I added a pull-down support because of the weight of the lid. I cut a circle out of the front panel and sanded the edges over well. The mosaic tiles have been hand cut and glued using PVA (wood glue) to a plywood panel, inserted from the inside and finished with silver grout; The wood has been finished using Linseed oil and hand-rubbed to a beautiful sheen.

Mosaic Inlay Small Pallet Chest/Seat Pallet Boxes & Chests

Mosaic Inlay Small Pallet Chest/Seat Pallet Boxes & Chests

This beautiful, strong box would be amazing with a set of casters as a garage seat, too! Now, how about a unique Pallet Growing Table?

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Deborah Trusz

Looks great

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