Lamp for a Side Table / Lampe De Chevet

By Neokentin

Lampe de chevet réaliser avec des chutes de palettes

Pallet Lamp from a Pallet Block

By Neokentin

I made this from a block from a pallet. The ones with the markings on are best. I had a spare lamp fitting and flex that I painted black, and […]

Be The Light Pallet Lamp

By Steven Taylor

This is a floor lamp made out of pallet wood. I gave it to my daughter as a graduation present.


Pallet Lamp

By HeatherStiletto

A diminutive lamp made from pallet wood and an Ikea lamp kit.


Lampe Range Livre / Pallet Bookcase Lamp

By Neokentin

J’avais vu cette lampe en photo sur google, et je me suis dis que ça ferait un cadeau original et pas trop compliqué pour un débutant. J’ai voulu faire une […]

Retro Modern Floor Lamp

By Neokentin

Retro modern cool. Made from laminated pallet wood, hand carved using simple tools.


Puppy Lamp Made Out Of Discarded Pallet Wood

By James

A poseable puppy lamp that sits, lays or begs to light up your desk.


Lampara Y Mesa De Noche De Carrete / Branch Lamp & Reel Bedside Table

By Neokentin

Lamp made from a tree branch and bedside table made of a recycled wooden wire spool. Mesa de noche mas lampara 100% de maaterial reciclado, realizada en carrete de madera […]

40 Stunning Lamps Made From Reclaimed Pallets

By Neokentin

When we started 1001Pallets three years ago, lights & lamps were not the most common objects made from recycled pallets. But with time, some designers have taken this raw material […]


Porch Swing Hanger for Mason Jars and Pallets

By FergII

Overhead Swing Decoration made out of pallets and Mason Jars.


Pallet Suspension / Chandelier

By sophietim

Pallet chandelier attached with chains and painted in blue.


Minimalistic Pallet Wood Lamps by Studiomama

By Neokentin

These design lamps were made by Studiomama, from upcycled wooden pallets. Studiomama, owned by designer Nina Tolstrup, started the Pallet Project “life For 10, TEN, X project” 5 years ago […]

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