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Pallet Whiskey Bottle Chandeliers

  • 1 pallet

  • medium

  • 7h

  • $30

These unique pallet whiskey bottle chandeliers can be a beautiful way to light up a flat surface, like a pool or gaming table. It took a bit of trial and error before I got them the way I wanted, but I’m pleased with the outcome.

I’m a unique person and wanted my project to reflect my style.  I also wanted to create something that I could sell without having to put in a lot of investment.

How I Built these Pallet Whiskey Bottle Chandeliers:

First, I assembled various crate shapes, including square and triangular as the chandelier base. I made them out of pallet wood. You can create any shape you want. I kept them fairly rough for a rustic feel, but you could finish them in a variety of ways.

The biggest challenge was to figure out how to cut the bottom off off a whiskey bottle. The chandelier doesn’t have to be a liquor bottle. Any colored bottle will glow with the color showing through the sides, but projects a white light down onto the table, pool table, game table, etc.

I used pre-made lamp kits and drilled the chandelier bases for the wires. To finish these off, I used cup hooks to hold small chains to hang the chandeliers by.

You can let your creativity show by decorating the bottles. I’ve shown some examples in the pictures I’ve shared.

Pallet Whiskey Bottle Chandeliers Pallet Lamps & Lights
Pallet Whiskey Bottle Chandeliers Pallet Lamps & Lights
Pallet Whiskey Bottle Chandeliers Pallet Lamps & Lights

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Stephanie Pearce
Stephanie Pearce

Oh boy, fun

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